Third AmericasNLP Competition

Machine translation for indigenous languages of the Americas

The Third AmericasNLP Competition took place online in July, at ACL 2023. The competition focused on creating machine translation systems for indigenous languages from the Americas.

Call for papers

  • Creation of datasets for NLP applications
  • Incorporation of external knowledge into neural systems
  • Linguistic typology and the use of typological features for NLP
  • Transfer learning, meta-learning, and active learning
  • Semi-supervised and unsupervised learning
  • Machine translation of low-resource languages
  • Morphology and phonology of low-resource languages
  • NLP applications for native languages of the Americas

Keynote speakers

  • Steven Bird
  • Emiliana Cruz Cruz
  • Angela Fan
  • Kristine Stenzel


  • Manuel Mager
  • Arturo Oncevay
  • Enora Rice
  • Abteen Ebrahimi
  • Shruti Rijhwani
  • Alexis Palmer
  • Katharina Kann

Important dates

23 March Start of the anonymity period
15 April Submission deadline
15 May Notification of acceptance
26 May Camera ready papers
9 - 14 July Workshop

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