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Machine translation products

Machine translation products include ready-to-use machine translation APIs and applications. Systems can also be made available via integrations.

They vary by features they offer:

  • language support
  • accuracy
  • price
  • customisation options
  • data confidentiality They also vary by their underlying architecture.

Some providers offer ready-to-use systems that can be integrated immediately. These usually support many language pairs and their infrastructure is scalable. An alternative is to train a model from scratch β€” or to use a pre-trained model β€” and deploy and maintain it.

Raw models usually do not include the features included in many production systems:

Company Product Self-serve
Google Google Translate βœ”
LingvaNex Translation API βœ”
Yandex Translate API βœ”
Microsoft Translator Text API βœ”
Amazon Translate API βœ”
ModernMT API βœ”
IBM Watson Language Translator βœ”
Baidu ηΏ»θ―‘API βœ”
DeepL API βœ”
Alibaba Machine Translation βœ”
Systran Systran Translate Pro βœ”
Unbabel Unbabel Translate Β 
Lilt Lilt Translate Β 
Tilde TildeMT Β 
Omniscien Language Studio Β 
KantanMT Translate AI Β 
Pangeanic PangeaMT Β 
TextShuttle TextShuttle AI Translation Β 
Globalese Globalese Β 
RWS Group Language Weaver (Iconic) βœ”
Mirai Translate Mirai Translator βœ”

Machine translation aggregators

Company Product Self-serve
ModelFront ModelFront API βœ”
Intento Intento API βœ”
Eden AI Eden AI for Machine Translation βœ”

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