Zurich machine translation meetup 13

MT Meetup 13 - Zurich

The thirteenth Machine Translation Meetup (MTM) took place on 18 September, 2023, in Zurich, Switzerland.

The topic was The Nexus between Translation and Language AI.

As the field of AI is about to undergo a significant paradigm shift, we wish to broaden our perspectives and usher into the next phase of AI after 12 Meetups on machine translation.


Impact Hub Zurich - Viadukt


18:30 Door opening and registration
19:00 Presentations
Arben Sabani, Software Engineer
Patricia Kamer, Head of IT
Bank Vontobel
François Rüf, Head of Digital Investing
Johanna Walser, Chief Communications Officer
Thomas Benkö, AI Innovation Lead Blick Newsroom
20:00 Cocktail

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