How to contribute to Machine Translate

Machine Translate is created and edited by contributors like you!. It is open-source and lives on GitHub.

We recommend reading the roadmap and style guide before you start contributing.

Creating and editing articles

To create or edit an article, create or edit and send us a pull request.

See GitHub’s article Creating a pull request for more.

Many articles are automatically generated from data files.

How to add a language

To add a new language:

The articles of the APIs that support that language will automatically be updated the next time that is run.

Reviewing proposed changes

You can also contribute by reviewing other contributors’ open pull requests.

See GitHub’s article Commenting on a pull request for more.

Requesting articles

To request a topic, create a new issue.

See GitHub’s article Creating an issue for more.

Contributing to infrastructure

To contribute technical work not content, start by reading

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Machine Translate is created and edited by contributors like you!

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