Research laboratories

List of machine translation research laboratories

Research laboratory Organization Type Country
ADAPT Centre Science Foundation Ireland Academic Ireland
Applied Research in Computational Linguistics University of Montreal Academic Canada
The Berkeley NLP Group University of California Academic USA
Center of Language and Speech Processing Johns Hopkins University Academic USA
Computational Linguistics and Information Processing University of Maryland Academic USA
Computational Linguistics Research Group University of Toronto Academic Canada
Conversational AI / Natural-Language Processing Amazon Corporate USA
MT Team at DFKI DFKI Academic Germany
GETALP Laboratoire d’Informatique de Grenoble Academic France
Google Research Google Corporate USA
Helsinki-NLP University of Helsinki Academic Finland
Human Language Technology Fondazione Bruno Kessler Corporate Italy
Institute of Computational Linguistics University of Zurich Academic Switzerland
Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics Charles University Academic Czech Republic
Language Technologies Institute Carnegie Mellow University Academic USA
Language and Translation Technology group Ghent University Academic Belgium
Machine Translation group Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Academic Spain
Machine Translation Group Microsoft Corporate USA
Machine Translation Research University of Rochester Academic USA
Machine Translation System Laboratory Center for the International Cooperation for Computerization Governmental Japan
The Natural Language Group University of Southern California Academic USA
Natural Language Laboratory Simon Fraser University Academic Canada
Natural Language Processing Group City University of New York Academic USA
Natural Language Processing Group University of Pennsylvania Academic USA
Natural Language Processing research Columbia University Academic USA
Natural Language Processing University of Washington Academic USA
Neural Machine Translation Microsoft Corporate China
PRHLT Research Center Univesitat Politècnica de València Academic Spain
Research Group RWS Corporate UK
Statistical Machine Translation Group University of Edinburgh Academic UK
Speech Technology and Research (STAR) Laboratory SRI International Corporate USA
The Stanford Natural Language Processing Group Stanford University Academic USA

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