Libraries and frameworks

List of libraries and frameworks for building machine translation systems

Neural machine translation

Machine translation library or framework Machine learning framework Programming language Commonly used in research
Argos Translate PyTorch Python  
Attention is all you need PyTorch Python  
Fairseq PyTorch Python
HuggingFace Transformers PyTorch / TensorFlow Python
Joey NMT PyTorch Python  
Marian NMT   C++
ModernMT PyTorch, based on Fairseq Java, Python  
Nematus TensorFlow Python  
NiuTrans.NMT NiuTensor C++  
Lingvo TensorFlow Python  
OpenNMT-py PyTorch Python
OpenNMT-tf TensorFlow Python
Simple Transformers PyTorch / TensorFlow, based on HuggingFace Transformers Python
Sockeye PyTorch / MXNet Python
Tensor2Tensor TensorFlow Python  
Trax TensorFlow Python
THUMT PyTorch / TensorFlow Python  

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