MTM 2022

Machine Translation Marathon

It was organised by the Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics (ÚFAL) of Charles University.
Machine Translation Marathon 2022 featured lectures and labs, keynote talks, presentations of open source tools and hacking projects to advance tools or research.


  • Prague, Czech Republic



Day 1

8:30 Registration
9:00 Opening
9:30 Introduction to Neural MT
Ondřej Bojar
Charles University
11:15 Massively Multilingual Text and Speech Mining
Holger Schwenk, Kevin Heffernan
Meta AI
14:30 Project proposals

Day 2

9:00 A journey of MT research - Why it is crucial to work on evaluation
Markus Freitag
11:00 Quality Estimation
Ricardo Rei
18:00 Welcome reception

Day 3

11:00 Efficient Machine Translation
Nick Bogoychev
University of Edinburgh
16:30 Project mid-week reports
18:00 Social event

Day 4

9:00 Tackling Intrinsic Uncertainty with SCONES
Felix Stahlberg
11:00 Decoding
Ryan Cotterell
ETH Zürich
14:00 Poster session

Day 5

9:00 What could (or maybe should) MT researchers know about translation (theory)?
Věra Kloudová
Charles University
11:00 MT Evaluation
Tom Kocmi

Day 6

9:00 Project reports, closing
12:30 🍴
14:00 Project reports, closing

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