AAMT 2022

Conference of the Asian-Pacific Association for Machine Translation

The topic will be ~機械翻訳最前線~.


  • Chiyoda, Japan


Important Dates

Open call for participants 29 August
Call for papers deadline 30 September
Notification of acceptance 07 October
Registration/participation fee transfer deadline 31 October
Presentation submission deadline 24 November


9:30 Opening remarks
9:40 Invited lecture 1
Recent Status of Constrained Translation Tasks in Language Pairs Including Japanese
Kaori Abe
10:20 Invited lecture 2
Introduction of Automatic 'Simultaneous Interpretation Technology' at NICT
Masao Uchiyama
11:00 Back to Asia: MT Summit 2023 Macau
(MT Summit 2023 Steering Committee)
11:45 Diamond Supporter Luncheon Seminar
Track #1 (Meeting Room A)
Social Implementation of AI Automatic Translation Present, Past, and Future
Kenichi Segawa, Mirai Translate, Inc.
Track #2 (Meeting Room C)
Rosetta Co., Ltd. x Japan Business Translation Co., Ltd.'s Challenge!!
Shinya Miyamoto, Japan Business Translation Co., Ltd.
Atsunori Shinoda, Rosetta Co., Ltd.
Track #3 (Conference Room D)
Efforts from a UI/UX perspective for social implementation of machine translation
Atsushi Kato, Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.
12:35 Gold Supporter Luncheon Seminar
Track #1 (Meeting Room A)
Introduction to Chizai Corporation (Looking toward the future of patent translation)
Munetake Hamaguchi, Chizai Corporation
Track #2 ( Conference room C)
Introduction of Web data automatic translation creation service “CorpusNow”
Tsutomu Izawa, Kawamura International Co., Ltd.
13:15 Open call for participants session
Regarding the status of machine translation of expressions in the connected car industry
Keisuke Ota
Meeting Customer Expectations Using Machine Translation
Yukako Ueda
Using Machine Translation with Cloud-Based Translation Management Systems
Yumiko Mokuji
Current Status of Machine Translation from the Perspective of Translators and How to Use It Effectively
Kiyoshi Yoshikawa
The identity of “machine-translation-likeness” and how to reduce it, and the expected value of human translation, as seen in the results of the translation Turing test
Akitsugu Domoto
Meta translation-Aiming for the highest accuracy from personal development
Ryutaro Fujii
From the EU to the World, from Japan to the World
Tokiharu Iwanaga
15:15 🕑
15:30 Panel discussion
Recommendations for ISO 18587 supplier self-declaration of conformity based on the AAMT guidelines
Moderator: Kozo Moriguchi
Panelist: Yoshikazu Hamada Maho Ono
17:00 Closing remarks
17:30 Social gathering

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