Automatic Simultaneous Translation 2022

Automatic Simultaneous Translation 2022

The topic was ***Challenges, Recent Advances, and Future Directions***.


  • Seattle, United States of America


Important Dates

Registration and release of data 07 March
End of registration 30 April
System submission begin 10 March
System submission close 01 May
System description due 17 May
Notification of acceptance 01 June
Camera-ready papers due 16 June
Conference 15 July

Simultaneous Translation Speakers

  • Juan Pino, Research Scientist at Facebook Research
  • Trevor Cohn, Professor at The University of Melbourne

Human Interpretation Speakers

  • Weiwei Wang, Associate Professor and Research Fellow at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
  • Wallace Chen, Professor and Program Head at Middlebury Institute of International Studies


  • Hua Wu, Baidu Inc., China
  • Liang Huang, Oregon State University and Baidu Research, United States
  • Zhongjun He, Baidu Inc., China
  • Qun Liu,Huawei Noah’s Ark Lab, China
  • Wolfgang Macherey, Goolge, United States
  • Julia Ive, Imperial College London, United Kingdome


7:20 Opening Remarks
7:30 Session 1 Invited Talks and Research Paper
7:30 Invited Talk 1
Weiwei Wang
8:10 Invited Talk 2
Wallace Chen
8:50 Invited Talk 3
Trevor Cohn
9:30 Invited Talk 4
Juan Pino
10:10 Research paper
Over-Generation Cannot Be Rewarded: Length-Adaptive Average Lagging for Simultaneous Speech Translation
Sara Papi, Marco Gaido, Matteo Negri, Marco Turchi
10:30 🕑
18:30 Session 2
Shared Task
18:30 Findings of the Third Workshop on Automatic Simultaneous Translation
18:45 BIT-Xiaomi’s System for AutoSimTrans 2022
Mengge Liu, Xiang Li, Bao Chen, Yanzhi Tian, Tianwei Lan, Silin Li, Yuhang Guo, Jian Luan, Bin Wan
19:00 USST’s System for AutoSimTrans 2022
Zhu Jia Hui, Yu Jun
19:15 System Description on Automatic Simultaneous Translation Workshop
Zecheng Li, Yue Sun, Haoze Li
19:30 System Description on Third Automatic Simultaneous Translation Workshop
Zhang Yiqiao
19:45 End-to-End Simultaneous Speech Translation with Pretraining and Distillation: Huawei Noah’s System for AutoSimTranS 2022
Xingshan Zeng, Pengfei Li, Liangyou Li, Qun Liu
20:00 Closing Remarks

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