Why is ‘human parity’ a machine translation myth?

Debunking 'No language left behind', 'Human parity' and other machine translation myths

The talk Debunking ‘No language left behind’, ‘Human parity’ and other machine translation myths took place online on 14 October, 2022.

The speaker was Félix do Carmo, from the Centre of Translation Studies at the University of Surrey.

The talk was part of the Language in the human-machine era project.

In the talk, Félix will show how the language used in scientific papers published by the machine translation community, sometimes inadvertently, creates false beliefs in the power of this technology. Concepts like ‘zero-shot translation’, ‘interlingua’, ‘human parity’ and the assumptions created by the No language left behind paper will be presented. The analysis focuses on what is written in those papers, but the critical perspective comes from the basic concepts in Translation Studies.


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