Lay Use and Perceptions of Machine Translation

An international symposium on lay use and perceptions of machine translation

Machine translation (MT) has had an increasing effect on multilingual communication and understanding in a globalized world.
This symposium presents emerging research on lay use and perceptions of MT.


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Opening remarks

Eliezer Schlossberg, Dean of Humanities, Bar-Ilan University Omri Asscher, Bar-Ilan University

Session 1


Lay uses of machine translation in the UK: A representative survey

Lucas Nunes Vieira, University of Bristol

Experienced machine translation gisters’ perceptions of MT and themselves as MT users and teachers

Mary Nurminen, Tampere University

The problem of machine translation in intercultural collaboration and how to overcome it

Pituxcoosuvarn Mondheera, Ritsumeikan University

Session 2


Beyond translation students: Machine translation literacy instruction for students in other disciplines

Lynne Bowker, University of Ottawa

Human evaluations of machine translation in an ethically charged situation

Omri Asscher and Ella Glikson, Bar-Ilan University

Believability and misleading machine translation

Marianna Martindale, University of Maryland

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