MT Summit 2015

Machine Translation Summit

MT Summit XV was organised by AMTA.


  • Florida, United States of America


Day 1

8:30 Breakfast and registration for workshops and tutorials
9:00 Tutorial
Introduction to machine translation
Jay Marciano
Computer aided translation: Advances and challenges
Philipp Koehn
6th Workshop on Patent and Scientific Literature Translation

Full-text patent translation at WIPO; scalability, quality and usability
Bruno Pouliquen

Initiatives of the Japan Patent Office
Kei Kato

Improving translator productivity with MT: a patent translation case study
John Tinsley

Response-based learning for patent translation
Stefan Riezler

Promoting science and technology exchange using machine translation
Toshiaki Nakazawa

Simplify sentence structure for improving human post-editing efficiency on Chinese-to-English patent machine translation
Xiaona Ren, Yongpeng Wei, Rile Hu

Enhancing function word translation with syntax-based statistical post-editing
John Richardson, Toshiaki Nakazawa, Sadao Kurohashi

A hybrid system for Chinese-English patent machine translation
Hongzheng Li, Kai Zhao, Renfen Hu, Yun Zhu, Yaohong Jin

Collecting bilingual technical terms from patent families of character-segmented Chinese sentences and morpheme-segmented Japanese sentences
Zi Long, Takehito Utsuro, Tomoharu Mitsuhashi, Mikio Yamamoto

Resampling Approach for Instance-based Domain Adaptation from Patent Domain to Newspaper Domain in Statistical Machine Translation
Keisuke Noguchi, Takashi Ninomiya

Towards cross-lingual patent wikification
Takashi Tsunakawa, Hiroyuki Kaji
14:00 Tutorial
Using Microsoft Translator Hub and Collaborative Translator Framework
Chris Wendt
Neural Networks in MT
Kyunghyun Cho

Day 2

8:30 Breakfast and registration
9:00 Opening
9:10 Invited talk
Neural Machine Translation: Introduction and Progress Report
Kyunghyun Cho
9:45 Invited talk
Continuous Wide-Band Machine Translation - Report from the 2015 Jelinek Summer Workshop
Kevin Duh
10:30 🕑
11:00 Commercial users
Machine Translation for enterprise technical communications – a journey of discovery
Morgan O’Brien, Ana Duarte Researchers
Learning bilingual distributed phrase represenations for statistical machine translation
ChaoChao Wang, Deyi Xiong, Min Zhang, Chunyu Kit Government users
Translation of HLT Resources: Balancing Cost Savings and Accuracy
Dr. Paul Rodrigues
11:30 Commercial users
Enterprise application of MT: Progress and Challenge
Craig Plesco, Nestor Rychtyckyj Researchers
Bandit Structured Prediction for Learning from Partial Feedback in Statistical Machine Translation
Artem Sokolov, Stefan Riezler, Tanguy Urvoy Government users
Adaptation of Topic Detection Corpora for Multilingual Evaluation of Document Similarity
John S. White
12:00 Commercial users
MT at NetApp – This is how we do it
Edith Bendermacher, Pablo Vazquez Researchers
Learning bilingual phrase representations with recurrent neural networks
Hideya Mino, Andrew Finch, Eiichiro Sumita Government users
Dictionaries, Gazetteers and Grammars: Improving the Pipeline
Dr. Mike Maxwell, Dr. Anton Rytting
12:30 IAMT Council Lunch Meeting
12:30 🍴
14:00 Commercial users
Machine Translation in Mobile Games – Augmenting Social Media Text Normalization with Incentivized Feedback
Nikhil Bojja, Arun Nedunchezhian, Pidong Wang Researchers
METEOR for Multiple Target Languages using DBnary
Zied Elloumi, Hervé Blanchon, Gilles Sérasset, Laurent Besacier Government users
The “Get Started Guide” for Implementing Post-Editing Machine Translation (PEMT) in the Government Environment
Melchior Baltazar
14:30 Commercial users
Beyond Text, Machine Translation and NLP for e-discovery
Jean Senellart, Denis Gachot, Joshua Johanson Researchers
Machine translation evaluation made fuzzier: A study on post-editing productivity and evaluation metrics in commercial settings
Carla Parra Escartín, Manuel Arcedillo Government users
On Incorporating PEMT into Operational Government Translation Workflow
Vanesa Jurica
15:00 Researchers
A Systematic Evaluation of MBOT in Statistical Machine Translation
Nina Seemann, Fabienne Braune, Andreas Maletti Government users
Advances in Computer Aided Translation Beyond Post-Editing
Philipp Koehn
15:30 🕑
16:00 Commercial users
Solving Specific Content Challenges with Flexible Machine Translation
Quinn Lam
16:30 Commercial users
Designing User Experience for Machine Translated Conversations
Tanvi Surti
17:00 Commercial users
Adjusting Interaction Levels in a Speech Translation System for Healthcare
Mark Seligman, Mike Dillinger
16:00 Poster Session
11 poster presentations
18:00 General Business Meeting

Day 3

8:30 Breakfast and registration
9:00 Invited Talk
Automated Translation Connecting Europe
Spyridon Pilos
9:45 Invited Talk
Machine Translation: The Next Decade
Macduff Hughes
10:30 🕑
11:00 Commercial users
A Survey of Usage Environment of Machine Translation by Professional Translators
Tomoki Nagase, Tatsuhiro Kudoh, Katsunori Kotani, Wenjun ye, Takeshi Mori, Yoshiyuki Sakamoto, Nobutoshi Hatanaka, Takamitsu Takeda, Shu Hirata, Hiromi Nakaiwa
Patent Claim Translation based on Sublanguage-specific Sentence Structure
Masaru Fuji, Atsushi Fujita, Masao Utiyama, Eiichiro Sumita, Yuji Matsumoto
11:30 Commercial users
Why are we (still) waiting? What premium translators need to use MT effectively
Robin Bonthrone, Konstantin Lakshin
Japanese News Simplification: Task Design, Data Set Construction, and Analysis of Simplified Text
Isao Goto, Hideki Tanaka, Tadashi Kumano
12:00 Commercial users
Machine Translation and Terminology Management
Jennifer DeCamp
Automatic Detection of Antecedents of Japanese Zero Pronouns Using a Japanese-English Bilingual Corpus
Dong Zhan, Hiromi Nakaiwa
11:00 Panel Discussion
Government Translation Technology Insertion: Observations and Way Ahead
Tanya Helmen, Danielle Silverman, Liz Richerson, Vanesa Jurica
12:30 🍴
14:00 Technology showcase
18:00 MT Summit Banquet

Day 4

8:30 Breakfast and registration
9:00 Commercial users
Machine Translation Quality Estimation - A Linguist’s Approach
Juan Rowda
Morphological Constraints for Phrase Pivot Statistical Machine Translation
Ahmed El Kholy, Nizar Habash
Government users
Operational Scales in Machine Translation Evaluation
Douglas Jones
9:30 Commercial users
Quality Evaluation of Four Translations of a Kidney Document: focus on reliability
Alan K. Melby
Using Joint Models for Domain Adaptation in Statistical Machine Translation
Nadir Durrani, Hassan Sajjad, Shafiq Joty, Ahmed Abdelali, Stephan Vogel
Government users
Translation Online Testing System (TOTS) in Actio
Ewa Zeoli
10:00 Commercial users
Industry Shared Metrics with the TAUS Dynamic Quality Dashboard and API
Achim Ruopp
A Distributed Inflection Model for Translating into Morphologically Rich Languages
Ke M. Tran, Arianna Bisazza, Christof Monz
Government users
Terminology Management Maturity Model
Tim Jackson
10:30 🕑
11:00 Invited Talk
Conversational Spoken Language Translation in High- and Low-Resource Settings
Matt Post
11:45 Panel
Translators & MT
David Rumsey, Jost Zetzsche, Jose Palomares
12:30 🍴
14:00 Commercial users
Yandex.Translate approach to the translation of Turkic languages
Irina Galinskaya, Farkhat Aminov
A Pilot Study Towards End-to-End MT Training
Feifei Zhai, Liang Huang
Government users
A Machine Assisted Human Translation System for Technical Document
Vishwajeet Kumar, Ashish Kulkarni, Pankaj Singh, Ganesh Ramakrishnan, Ganesh Arnaal
14:30 Commercial users
How Much Cake to Eat: The Case for Domain-Specific Engines
Alex Yanishevsky
An Empirical Study on Segment Prioritization for Incrementally Retrained Post-Editing SMT
Jinhua Du, Ankit Srivastava, Andy Way, Alfredo Maldonado-Guerra, David Lewis
15:00 Commercial users
Productivity promotion strategies for collaborative translation on huge volume technical documents
Guiping Zhang, Na Ye, Fang Cai, Chuang Wu, Xiangkui Sun, Jinfu Yuan, Dongfeng Cai
Effects of word alignment visualization on post-editing quality & speed
Lane Schwartz, Isabel Lacruz, Tatyana Bystrova
15:30 🕑
16:00 Commercial users
MT quality evaluations: from test environment to production
Elaine O’Curran
Japanese Controlled Language Rules to Improve Machine Translatability of Municipal Documents
Rei Miyata, Anthony Hartley, Cécile Paris, Midori Tatsumi and Kyo Kageura
Government users
New Developments and Offerings in Cybertrans
Carl Rubino
16:30 Commercial users
MT Quality Estimation for E-Commerce Data
José G. C. de Souza, Marcello Federico, Hassan Sawaf
Government users
MT for High Quality Translations of Medical Manuals for Use in Afghanistan
Steve LaRocca, Ghulam Hazrat Jahed
17:00 Commercial users
Accurately Predicting Post-editing Time & Labor for Cost-Management
Carla Schelfhout

Day 5

8:30 Breakfast and registration for workshops and tutorials
9:00 WTPT 2015: Post-editing Technology and Practice
[How to teach machine translation post-editing? Experiences from a post-editing course](
Maarit Koponen

[Quality assessment of postedited versus translated wildlife documentary films: a three-level approach](
Carla Ortiz Boix, Anna Matamala

[The impact of machine translation error types on post-editing effort indicators](
Joke Daems, Sonia Vandepitte, Robert Hartsuker, Lieve Macken

[Living on the edge: productivity gain thresholds in machine translation evaluation metrics](
Carla Parra Escartin, Manuel Arcedillo

[Domain adaptation for social localisation-based SMT: a case study using the Trommons platform](
Jinhua Du, Andy Way, Zhengwei Qiu, Asanka Wasala, Reinhard Schaler
14:00 Beyond Post-editing: Interactive and Adaptive Translation Technologies
Spence Green

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