MTM 2023

Machine Translation Marathon

It was organised by TartuNLP, Institute of Computer Science, of University of Tartu.
The Machine Translation Marathon gathers researchers, developers, students and users.
The MT Marathon hosts an open session with poster presentations related to MT research and open-source tools.


  • Tartu, Estonia


Important Dates

Registration 15 July
Abstract submission deadline 15 July
MT Marathon 28 August


Day 1

9:30 Introduction to MT
Mark Fishel, University of Tartu
11:30 Multilingual NMT
Jörg Tiedemann, University of Helsinki
14:30 Lab: NMT Training Basics
Lisa Korotkova, University of Tartu
16:30 Project Proposals
18:30 Welcome reception

Day 2

9:30 Decoding
Rico Sennrich, University of Zurich
11:30 Manual and Automatic Evaluation
Maja Popović, Dublin City University
14:30 Work on projects
16:30 Work on projects

Day 3

9:30 Multilingual Text/Speech Corpora
Holger Schwenk, Meta AI
11:30 Low-resource MT
Mark Fishel, University of Tartu
14:30 Poster session/Work on projects
16:30 Poster session/Work on projects

Day 4

9:30 Quality Estimation
Nuno Guerreiro, Unbabel
11:30 UX / Enterprise View on MT
Samuel Läubli, Textshuttle
14:30 Interim project presentations
16:30 Work on projects

Day 5

9:30 Robustness and Real-World Applications
Nikolay Bogoychev, University of Edinburgh
11:30 LLMs
Alexandra Birch, University of Edinburgh
14:30 Work on projects
16:30 Work on projects

Day 6

9:30 Final project presentations
11:30 Final project presentations

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