NMT-Foundations Applications and Implications

IATIS Training Event on Neural Machine Translation

It was co-hosted by the Training Committee, International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS) and the Institute of Translation and Multilingual Communication at TH Köln.


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9:50 Opening Remarks
Chair: Ralph Krüger, TH Köln
10:00 Neural Machine Translation: Foundations and some Current Developments
Josef van Genabith, Saarland University / German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
11:00 Scoping, Evaluation and Integration of NMT Use Cases on Company Level
Christian Eisold, berns language consulting (blc.)
12:15 Post-Editing NMT – Strategies and Job Profiles
Jean Nitzke and Anke Tardel, University of Agder / Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
13:00 Ethics and NMT
Joss Moorkens, Dublin City University
14:00 MutNMT – Applications of NMT to Translators Training
Pilar Sánchez Gijón and Olga Torres Hostench, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
14:45 Applications of Speech Technologies in Translation and NMT Post-Editing: Current PhD Research
Justus Brockmann, Raluca Chereji and Claudia Wiesinger, University of Vienna
15:30 Closing Discussion
Chair: Ralph Krüger, TH Köln

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