Rise of the Machines Balancing Language-Related AI Opportunities and Risks

Securing the Future of Generative AI, Machine Translation, Speech Recognition, NLP and AI Augmented Processes

ChatGPT 3.5 launched in November 2022, revolutionizing AI with sophisticated, accessible capabilities for all. While related to specialized AI like NMT and ASR, its adaptability sets it apart. The media spotlight highlighted opportunities and risks, with enterprises seizing opportunities and governments considering regulation. Italy banned ChatGPT, and many stakeholders raised ethical concerns. As hype subsides, realism and responsibility reemerge, as seen in Samsung's data loss incident. We explore secure, private language AI usage and discuss AI's future in augmenting human processes and secure enterprise applications.


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  • Professor Philipp Koehn, Chief Scientist at Omniscien and Professor at Johns Hopkins University
  • Dion Wiggins, Chief Technology Officer at Omniscien
  • Dr Joseph Sweeney, Industry Analyst, Intelligent Business Research Services (IBRS)

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