Translating and the Computer conference

The conference was organised by AsLing, the International Association for Advancement in Language Technology.


  • Luxembourg City, Luxembourg



  • Good but not always fair: tackling gender bias in automatic translation, Louisa Bentivogli
  • Accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing through language technology: real-time speech-to-text and machine translation tool of the European Parliament, Valter Mavrič


Day 1

8:30 Registration
9:00 Opening addresses
- TC44 coordinator
- AsLing president

Sponsors’ Leadership Talks
Terminotix (gold sponsor)
Star (gold sponsor)
Publications Office of the European Union (gold sponsor)
Wordfast (silver sponsor)
Juremy (silver sponsor) | Room 2 and Room E
10:30 Keynote
Good but not always fair: tackling gender bias in automatic translation
Louisa Bentivogli | Room 2 and Room E
11:30 Do translators use machine translation and if so, how?
Michael Farrell | Room 2
12:00 A Study Towards a Standardized Typology of Machine Translation Post-Editing Guidelines: A Suggested Template for Language Professionals
Viveta Gene, Lucía Guerrero | Room 2
11:30 Workshop
Interpreters’ features in IATE
Moderators: Paula Zorrilla-Agut, Marc van Dommelen, Nadezhda Krasteva-Schaefer
12:30 🍴
13:45 A User Study on Machine Translation Finetuning with Custom Translation Memories in 3 Language Pairs
Gokhan Dogru, Joss Moorkens
14:00 Why are generic MT engines of limited assistance to lawyers and legal academics wishing to communicate in English as the lingua franca? A reviser’s and post-editor’s perspective
Anna Setkowicz-Ryszka
14:00 Fairslator: Machine translation bias removal tool
Michal Měchura
14:00 Workshop 1
Improve your Terminology Aware NMT engine with SynchroTerm and LogiTerm
Terminotix (gold sponsor)
14:15 Using bitext mining to identify translated material: practical assessment and new applications
Zhilu Tu
14:30 How Collaborative is Concurrent Translation? Insights From a Survey of 804 Translators
Joanna Gough, Özlem Temizöz
14:30 Panel discussion
YourTerm: A Collaborative & FAIR European Project Moderator
Rodolfo Maslias
Panelists: Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio, Pascale Elbaz, Elpida Loupaki, Federica Vezzani
15:00 Transformation to the Cloud as a Service Vendor: Lessons Learned
Matthias Heyn
15:00 Workshop
Customizable one-click terminology search in the EU corpus and IATE: A workshop on Juremy's functionalities
Juremy (silver sponsor)
15:30 Automated translation analysis using a multi-faceted framework
Rafał Jaworski, Andrzej Zydroń
16:00 🕑
16:30 eLegislate – the XML ATP chain in the European Parliament – Focus on Translation
Paula Marginean
16:30 Machine Translation Quality Monitoring at the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union
Mauro Bubnic, Daniel Marín Buj
16:30 Workshop: Ergonomics in the Translation Workplace
Wordfast (silver sponsor)
16:45 Exploring different speech recognizers for post-editing translation outputs: A pilot study in an international organization
Jeevanthi Uthpala Liyanapathirana
17:00 Impact of Domain-Adapted Multilingual Neural Machine Translation in the Medical Domain
Miguel Rios, Raluca-Maria Chereji
17:00 Workshop
Content Operations: Incorporating translation into the content lifecycle
Moderator: Rahel Anne Bailie
17:00 Workshop 2
Find out why AlignFactory is the world's premier alignment software
Terminotix (gold sponsor)
17:30 The use of CAT tools and corpus analysis in comparative literary translation research: an English-Arabic case study
Amal Haddad Haddad

Day 2

9:00 The use of speech technologies in translation, revision, and post-editing machine translation (PEMT)
Raluca-Maria Chereji, Justus Brockmann
9:00 Workshop
Reference data: Building and using for your localisation projects
Moderators: Denis Dechandon, Liena Muižniece, Mihai Puanescu, Lucy Walhain
9:00 Workshop
Improve automatically MT output with built-in knowledge of your terminology and check terminology accuracy easily with STAR’s language technology STAR Transit & STAR Translate
Star (gold sponsor)
9:30 Investigating the use of speech technologies in consecutive interpreting: A pilot study on ASR-enhanced CAI tool prototype ‘Sight-Terp’
Cihan Ünlü
10:00 Keynote
Accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing through language technology: real-time speech-to-text and machine translation tool of the European Parliament
Valter Mavrič
11:00 🕑
11:30 Error analysis of real-time speech machine translation in the context of the European Parliament’s Innovation Partnership
Elisa Di Nuovo
11:30 Algorithms and technologies of training translators and interpreters for the Industry 4.0 Economy
Olga Egorova
11:30 Workshop 3
Reduce search time by half with bilingual concordance engines: LogiTerm and WeBiSearch
Terminotix (gold sponsor)
11:45 Peculiarities of Polish academic legal writing in English translation: field experts vs. algorithms
Anna Setkowicz-Ryszka
12:00 Error Analysis for Machine Translated text from English into Kazakh
Dinara Akmurzina
12:00 Panel discussion
Past, present and future of speech technologies in translation
Moderator: Dragoș Ciobanu
Panelists: Julián Zapata, Marcin Feder, Carlos Teixeira, Alina Secară
12:30 A Study on the worthiness of MWE manually-annotated corpora to train Neural Networks to detect MWEs
Emmanuelle Esperança-Rodier
13:00 HypoLexicon – A Terminological Resource for Describing Hyponymic Information
Juan Carlos Gil-Berrozpe
13:30 🍴
14:30 Pre-task perceptions and their impact on final translation quality: implications for training
Vicent Briva-Iglesias
14:30 gApp: a text preprocessing system to improve the neural machine translation of discontinuous multiword expressions
Carlos Manuel Hidalgo-Ternero
14:30 Workshop
Provide reliable and consistent EU terminology use with Juremy's document metadata settings
Juremy (silver sponsor)
14:45 Evaluation of adaptive machine translation from a gender-neutral language perspective
Aida Kostikova
15:00 Towards a Technologized translation classroom – Practices and perceptions from trainers at a Swiss University
Roser Sánchez-Castañ
15:00 Workshop
Workshop on the new Terminology Projects Module in IATE
Moderators: Corina Ionescu, John Kirby, Susanne Boraston
15:00 Workshop
Wordfast PRO, Anywhere, Classic and Server: four versions to fit all needs
Wordfast (silver sponsor)
15:30 Educating translators in the era of translation as human-computer interaction: How are we faring?
Vilelmini Sosoni, Maria Stasimioti
16:00 Closing ceremony

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