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Seventh Conference on Machine Translation

The Seventh Conference on Machine Translation (WMT22) is set to take place from 7 December to 8 December, 2022, at EMNLP 2022 in Abu Dhabi.

Table of contents
  1. Important dates
  2. Shared tasks
    1. General machine translation
      1. Language pairs
  3. Scientific papers
    1. Topics:
    2. Research Papers
    3. System Papers
  4. Poster format
  5. Paper submission
  6. Invited talk

Important dates

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Release of training data for shared tasks February-March, 2022
Evaluation periods for shared tasks June-July, 2022
Paper submission deadline 7 September, 2022
Paper notification 9 October, 2022
Camera-ready version 16 October, 2022
Conference 7-8 December, 2022

Shared tasks

The News machine translation task has been renamed the General machine translation task.

General machine translation

  • Multi-domain direction

Blind tests for all languages will contain (up to) four different domains. Likely news, social, conversational, and e-commerce.

  • Aggregated blind testsets across tasks

Participants from each shared task will translate blind testsets from other shared tasks if given language pair is shared. This will allow comparisons of participants across tasks. Each shared task will evaluate their blind testsets separately.

  • Rethinking human evaluation

  • Removing 10 hours annotation per primary system requirement

Instead, participants will be required to submit a system description paper if they submit the primary system.

  • Pre-trained models in constrained setup allowed

Language pairs

Confirmed language pairs:

  • English-Chinese
  • English-Czech
  • English-German
  • English-Japanese
  • English-Russian
  • French-German
  • Croatian-English
  • Livonian-English
  • Yakut-Russian
  • Ukrainian-English
  • Ukrainian-Czech

Scientific papers


  • MT models (neural, statistical etc. )
  • Analysis of neural models for MT
  • Using comparable corpora for MT
  • Selection and preparation of data for MT
  • Semi-supervised and unsupervised learning for MT, transfer learning
  • Multilingual MT
  • Incorporating linguistic information into MT
  • MT inference
  • Manual and automatic methods for evaluating MT
  • Quality estimation for MT

Research Papers

Research papers should describe original research corresponding to the categories listed above. Research papers that have been or will be submitted to other meetings or publications must indicate this at submission time, and must be withdrawn from the other venues if accepted and published at WMT 2022.

We will not accept for publication papers that overlap significantly in content or results with papers that have been or will be published elsewhere. It is acceptable to submit work that has been made available as a technical report (or similar, e.g. in arXiv) without citing it.

For the research track, papers should be anonymised, be between 6 and 10 pages in length (excluding references) and may include supplementary material.

System Papers

System papers must describe one or more shared task submissions. System paper submissions that we cannot link to a shared task submission will be rejected without review. System papers can overlap with other published work, and do not have to follow the double submission policy. There is no maximum length for system papers, but normally a short paper (4-6 pages) is appropriate. System papers should not be anonymised.

Poster format

Details about poster format are to be determined. Posters must be presented in Gather.Town.

Paper submission

Invited talk

The invited talk is to be determined.

Last updated from on 22 March, 2022


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