Workshop on Pronouns and Machine Translation

Workshop on Pronouns and Machine Translation

The workshop features a series of lectures on recent work related to understanding, modelling and evaluating pronouns and other discourse-level phenomena in neural machine translation and a panel discussion.


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11:00 The DELA Project: what do we know about MT evaluation with context?
Sheila Castilho, ADAPT Centre, Dublin City University
11:45 Modeling Cohesion Devices for Context-Aware Neural Machine Translation
Deyi Xiong, Tianjin University
12:30 Understanding, Improving and Evaluating Context Usage in Context-aware Translation
Kayo Yin, DeepMind/UC Berkeley
13:00 Benchmarking Context-Aware MT Systems: Testsets and Evaluation Measure for Pronominal Anaphora
Prathyusha Jwalapuram, Nanyang Technological University
13:30 Panel discussion
14:00 πŸ•‘
14:30 Understanding Pronouns in Translation: Resources, Methods, Challenges and Insights
Christian Hardmeier, Uppsala University/IT University of Copenhagen
15:00 Cross-lingual coreference resolution models and pronoun translation with mention attention
Gongbo Tang, Uppsala University
15:30 Cross-Lingual and Cross-Modality Modeling for Context-Aware Machine Translation
Biao Zhang, University of Edinburgh


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