Machine translation for Turkish

Machine translation for the Turkish language is supported by 40 machine translation APIs.

Quality estimation for the Turkish language is supported by 5 quality estimation APIs.

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Turkish is the language with the best machine translation support in the Turkic language family.

Turkic languages are agglutinative and usually have vowel harmony.


In 1994, NATO supported two machine translation English to Turkish projects within the scope of the Science for Stability Program. These projects were rule-based machine translation systems within specific domains: news captions and IBM manuals.

In 2011, Apertium launched the Apertium Turkic work group in an attempt to create resources for Turkic languages rule-based machine translation and natural language processing.

In 2019, Emel Alkım and Yalçın Çebi launched MT-Turk for Turkish, Kirghiz and Kazan Tatar. MT-Turk is a rule-based machine translation system that uses interlingual and transfer systems.

In 2020, Turkic Interlingua was created to develop language technology, including parallel corpora, in the most spoken Turkic languages.

In 2021, the Literary Machine Translation Project started at the Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies from the Boğaziçi University.

This project aims to use MT to translate into Turkish literary texts whose style has been defined using corpus tools.


The Turkish National Corpus (TNC) contains 50 million Turkish words.

The Turkish, Kurdish, and English [Bianet newspaper](https://opus.nlpl.eu/B ‘a’ tag is missing a reference ianet.php) parallel corpus contains 3,214 Turkish articles aligned with its Kurdish or English translations.

The TS Corpus project offers English-Turkish parallel databases for academic and research purposes.

The TDD project serves a series of corpora based on the datasets published under their data hub.


In 2016, Google Translate included Turkish in the launch of Google Neural Machine Translation.

By 2022, Turkish was supported by all the major translation applications and API providers, including Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, Yandex Translate, Amazon Translate, and Watson Language Translator.

By 2022, Yandex Translate had direct translation systems for Turkish-Russian and Turkish-German. Turkish is one of the top languages for Yandex Translate.

English to Turkish is one of the top language pairs for Systran.

Machine translation

40 machine translation APIs support Turkish.

TranslateMe, Alexa Translations A.I., Lingo24, Tencent Machine Translation, Kakao , …

Quality estimation

5 quality estimation APIs support Turkish.

KantanQES, Omniscien Confidence Scores, Phrase MTQE, DeMT Estimate, ModelFront

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